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Meet Angelina

Educator and Parenting Consultant

Hello, my name is Angelina Threadgill. I am a German educator, parenting consultant and mother of a two year old little girl.


I’m dedicated to support moms of toddlers, like you, to achieve a less stressful everyday life without feeling overwhelmed, by showing you how to get a better understanding for not only your toddler's but your behavior as well, and guiding you to a mindful way of parenting.



What I Specialize In

Respectful parenting

Punishment free parenting

Happy moms AND happy children

Authentic parenting

How to yell less

Mother and Child

For moms that want to raise their child mindfully and without punishment

"Since the birth of my daughter, I have been occupying myself with how I can sensitively meet her needs. Angelina helped me put everything I read into practice in our everyday life. She made concrete suggestions in every situation and supported me to be the mother I want to be to my daughter."

- Sandra, Germany

"Throughout the 7 week mentoring program I have gained a better understanding for my son's needs as well as my own. In our  weekly sessions we discussed any stressful situation and how I can make them less stressful. Angelina gave me individual behavioral strategies that were adjusted to my families needs. With Angelina's help I know now what's behind my son's behavior, and I can react better to him.

He now feels better understood by me and we communicate on an eye-to-eye level."

- Lea, Portugal

"Angelina was very attentive and genuinely concerned to hear me out. She went over every single topic and offered a different approach and even gave me reassurance in other areas. At the end of the session I felt I understood better why my toddler reacts a certain way and kew how I can improve my approaches in each situation."

- Lizmarie, Florida USA

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Happy moms AND happy toddlers

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