Your way to a less stressful everyday life with your toddler 

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Online Program

For Moms of Toddlers

Temper tantrums. 

Screaming for another book, another scoop of ice cream or toy.

A meltdown when you want to leave the house or because the cup has the wrong color. 

Tears when you want to brush your toddler's teeth or when it's time to go to bed.

Does that sound familiar to you and you want to know what you can do to make situations like these less stressful?

Then this program is for you.

Ever since I became an Educator in 2010 I've been working with toddlers and their moms. Almost all of them are struggling when their toddlers have a tantrum or doesn't listen to them. All of these moms are trying their best to be patient but at some point they are simply overwhelmed because they don't know what to do.

It makes me sad to see when women like you doubt themselves and believe that they fail as moms. I want you to enjoy the precious time of toddlerhood and I want your toddler to feel understood.

That's why I wrote this 7 week online program for toddler moms:

"Your way to a less stressful everyday life without feeling overwhelmed"

In this 7 week intense program we'll analyze the reason behind your toddler's behavior and why it trigger's you. In our weekly 2 hour mentoring sessions we also cover the topics:

What can I expect from my toddler and what can't I expect?

What are my biggest stress factors and what can I do about them?

How can I raise my toddler mindfully and without punishment?

Together we will find strategies to help you and your little one through stressful situations.

When finding strategies it is important to me not to give you some generic ones but strategies that fit your and your toddler's needs.

You are unique and so are your child and your situation. Therefore individual behavioral strategies are a must.

Circumstances in your family change constantly, because there is always progress.

That is why I will teach you throughout these 7 weeks how YOU can find out what the reason for your toddler's behavior is and how YOU can make stressful situations easier or even avoid them.

I want you to feel confident and know what you can do to help your toddler and yourself even when situations have changed.

Do you want to have a less stressful everyday life with your toddler, and want to know how you can achieve it?

Then let's talk, I'm happy to help.


What you get


Do you want free tips on how to feel more confident as mom, and how to parent without punishment?

  • 7 week individual mentoring program


  • Weekly, 2 hour 1on1, mentoring sessions

  • Tried and tested behavioral examples and strategies that are adjusted to your and your toddler's needs

  • Logically structured and easy understandable information that is explained with examples from practice. 

  • Materials that are based on various educational models, and are well researched

  • 100% accessible online, and from the comfort of your home